Steadfast Mentor Application

This application is for those applying to become a MENTOR in the Women's Mentorship Program at Hebron.
Please fill out all the information below.

*Date of Birth:
Work Number:
*Marital Status:
Spouse's Name:
# of years married:
Names and ages of any children and grandchildren:
*How many years have you been a member of Hebron? :
* Which Connect Group are you a member of?:
*Would you prefer to mentor one-on-one or lead a group of 2-3 women? Preferences will be assigned based on applications received.:
*Share about when you came to know Jesus and accepted Him as your personal Savior.:
*What differences in your life have you experienced since becoming a Christian?:
*How would you describe your current relationship with Christ?:
*What is it that excites you about investing in younger women?:
*What concerns do you possibly have about mentoring younger women?:
*We are constantly growing in our relationship with Christ; however, in what ways does your life currently reflect the attributes of being a mentor?
*Is there anything in your life that would hinder you from being an effective mentor at this time? If so, please explain:
*You will receive a Steadfast Commitment at your interview with the Steadfast Directors.  We’ll go over that document at the time of your interview so you can ask questions at that time.

Do you have any concerns or questions that you'd like to discuss with the Steadfast Mentor Ministry Directors?