MS Event Scholarship Application

Please understand that there is a limited number of scholarships available. In order to be considered for a scholarship, the student must either be a regular attending Hebron participant or not have a church home. Each student who is approved to receive a scholarship is asked to make a $10 deposit.

*Parent's Name:
*Parent's Cell:
*Parent's Email:
*Parent's Marital Status:
*Employment Status of Parent(s):
*How mant dependents are in your household?:
*How much are you able to pay toward this event?:
*Is the student currently receiving free or reduced lunch at school?:
*What special/unique circumstances have resulted in your need for financial assistance?:
*Are you willing to work as a scholarship volunteer?:
If yes, when are you available?:
*Do you attend church?:
If yes, where do you attend?:
*Have you received financial aid or material assistance from Hebron in the past?:
If yes, in what way?:
I promise that the above information is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. Hebron Baptist Church has my permission to check any of the above information and use it to determine my assistance.
*Signature of Parent: