Titus 2 Mentee Application

This application is for those applying to become a MENTEE in the Women's Mentorship Program at Hebron.
Please fill out all of the following information:

*Date of Birth:
*Marital Status:
If married, how long have you been married?:
Husband's Name:
*Do you have any children or grandchildren? If so, please list their names and ages:
*Are you a member of a Connect Group? If so, which one?:
*Are you currently employed? If so, where? :
*What are your goals in life?:
*Share your testimony, including where you are with God today:
*Why do you desire to be part of a mentoring relationship?:
*What do you hope to gain from being a part of a Titus 2 Mentoring Group?:
*What expectations do you have of your mentor?:
*What current or projected commitments, besides work, will you be involved in during the next mentoring year?:
*Are you aware of the requirements for the Titus 2 Mentoring Group?:
*Besides meeting as a group once a month, we will have a weekend retreat within the first couple of months. Do you anticipate any obstacles to attending the monthly meetings or attending this retreat? If so, please explain.
"I understand that by completing this application, I am not registering for the program; instead I am applying and would like to be considered in the selection process."

"I also understand that if I am selected and enter the program, I will need to sign a commitment contract."